While few things are as luxurious as soaking in a nice bubble bath, a looming #dayzero means people have to do everything in their power to save water, which includes foregoing baths and adjusting their beauty routines.

Capetonian Leigh van den Berg recently came up with a few creative ways for women to save water and to still look and smell their best every day.


The Lipgloss is my Life writer recommends you use dry shampoo every second day if your hair is fine and gets oily quickly.

If you really need to wash your hair use a 2-in-1 shampoo and apply leave-in conditioner, if you have dry hair. Remember to rinse off the shampoo over the bath using a jug and catching the water in a bucket for use in your toilet.  

Or if you’re feeling bourgeois, order a camping shower that saves loads of water but also gets the job done.


Instead of using water to cleanse your face, the beauty blogger recommends you befriend wet wipes. If you have sensitive skin, make sure the wipes you use are alcohol-free as alcohol dries the skin – so baby wipes are the best option!

If wet wipes don’t do it for you, try micellar water. According to InStyle, French women have been living by this effective method for years now. Micellar water comprises tiny “micelles” that absorb all your pores’ dirt and dissolve oil and make-up.

All you have to do is pour some on a cotton pad, wipe it across your face and voilà, you’re done!


If your armpits are giving off a bit of an odour but you can’t take a shower because of water restrictions simply use a wet wipe to get rid of any funky smells and apply roll-on deodorant – your armpits will be good to go in a jiffy.

Another great way to stay smelling fresh is by applying bicarbonate of soda, cornflour or organic baby powder to your armpits, Care2 recommends.


To keep your hands germ-free, Leigh recommends using hand sanitiser as an alternative solution. Because the alcohol in hand sanitisers often dries out your hands, apply hand cream afterwards.

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