Model and television perosonality, Hailey Baldwin is reportedly using Dr Barbara Sturm's MC1 Blood Moisturiser, which uses the owner's literal blood as an ingredient in the product. Your blood is extracted and the plasma in it is then added to the moisturiser for you to use. According to an article in, "Dr. Sturm has spent over a decade creating a scientific line of Molecular Cosmetics that use our bodies own proteins to keep skin looking fresh and healthy". 

This is similar to the vampire facial that Kim Kardashian West once posted about on her Instagram account and the thought of it all is pretty unsettling. We've rounded up a few other strange beauty trends and practices some women have tried in the name of beauty. 

Geisha facial

The name makes it sound fancier than it is. This facial is a Japanese innovation and has been around for almost 400 years. For the product, the droppings of the Nightingale bird are dried and made into a powder to use in face masks and other beauty products.

"The high nitrogen content draws out bacteria from the skin and breaks down dead skin cells more gently than acid peels," as reported in The powder is usually blended with other ingredients and then applied to the face.


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Hollywood EGF facial

Also known as a 'penis facial', it involves taking progenitor cells taken from Korean newborn baby foreskin to rejuvenate the skin of those undergoing the procedure, according to Sandra Bullock is one of the celebrities who have admitted to trying this procedure, and the process involves taking cells from a baby's foreskin and propagating them to apply to the skin after the process of micro-needling. 

Chicken stock injections

Women are dissolving and injecting chicken stock cubes into their bums to make them bigger. This trend is popular among Congolese women and according to Maiysha Kai's report in The Glow Up, the women "anally inject the formula in the hopes that the high sodium and oil content will expand the tissue in their behinds, making them appear larger and rounder". 

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Skin-lightening pills

This one has more to do with expecting mothers trying to ensure that their unborn babies will born light-skinned. Pregnant women take the glutathione pill while their unborn babies are still in the womb to lighten their child's skin, according to an article in HuffPost. This trend highlights the pressing issues of colourism present around the world.

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