A recent African Extracts skin survey showed that out of over 1000 women questioned, only 27% regularly use serums and eye creams. A whopping 47.7% of women said that they never use serums or eye creams.

Often this is due to a lack of knowledge. For many, this comes down to not knowing exactly how to correctly apply the product.

There’s more to it than just dabbing or rubbing, girls.

How to apply a serum:

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The problem with serums is that some people apply too much to their face and complain about it not being properly absorbed. The less-is-best approach applies here, as serums are super concentrated.

Apply your serum in dots and pat the cream on your face. Birchbox says we should not massage, rub, stretch or pull the skin, but rather let the formula absorb on its own.

When you feel a tingling sensation, that means the active ingredients in the serum are working and getting into the dermis.

According to Rouge Beauty, once the serum is dry, it takes three minutes and then you can apply your moisturiser.

TIP: According to Women’s Health, odour or scented serums may hamper absorption, as some of the best serums are dull smelling.

How to apply an eye cream:

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Believe it or not, but there is a specific order when applying eye cream. According to Vogue, it depends on the tone of your eye cream, if it’s lighter than your serum you should apply it beforehand.

According to Birchbox, the best time to apply your eye cream is in the morning, as it is more likely to get absorbed, because of the active blood flow.

Do not overdo the eye cream and dab with your weakest (ring) finger. Start on the inner aspect of the brow and go around your entire eye, including the crow’s feet, upper brow and under the brow bone.

TIP: Put your eye cream in the refrigerator to refresh and de-puff your eyes in the mornings.

Here's a GIF guide to applying your makeup.

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