When Jhené Aiko dropped her skincare routine earlier this year, a few of us debated if we would go through so much work to achieve our personal skin goals.

I and one other girl said we would in a heartbeat. 

"So you would spend 10K in one go on a single skin treatment," one girl in the conversation asked.

"If I had an extra 10K lying around, yes I would," we responded similarly. 

We know a great deal goes into achieving flawless skin. Porcelain skin is not just a result of drinking water and eating fruit. The skin muses below can attest to this.

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For those who missed it, Jhené Aiko indulged a curious fan on Instagram about what it takes to have skin that looks like this:

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So in light of this, we've rounded up the skin care routines of four glowing faces we love and estimated how much each would cost you:

Jhené Aiko

According to The Cut, this is what she shared in her reply to a fan who asked her to "drop the gems":

[Her comments have since been disabled]

- Fraxel laser twice a year

- IS Clinical serums, CeraVe face wash, and an exfoliator from Hollywood doctor, Dr. Lancer, who reportedly also works on Kim K and Beyoncé's face. 

- Collagen pills as well as Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus supplements

- Drinks kangen water and apple cider vinegar

- A birth control prescription also helps with her cystic and hormonal acne

So about how much would the local equivalent cost you?

An Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Solution laser treatment at the Skin Renewal institute (Durban, Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town), would normally cost you R12 425, but the current discounted fee is R10 500.

What is it? Skin Renewal says it's a "multi-targeting treatment is ideal for treating sun damage, poor texture, superficial pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dilated pores, lines & wrinkles, mild acne scarring and results in overall skin rejuvenation."

iS Clinical Active serum is distributed in South Africa by The Face & Body Institute and goes for about R1 800

A collagen or superfood supplement for hair, skin, and nails at Dis-Chem retails between R75.95 and R259

Organic apple cider vinegar, R76.95

Total estimate: R12 635

*This excludes Dr's consultations

Duckie Thot

Everyone wants to know what goes into the making of a Fenty Beauty face. Well, according to supermodel Duckie Thot, it's easier than you think. 

These are the skin secrets (from the inside out) she shared with W Magazine:

In her medicine cabinet you'll find light face mask, lavender oil eye moisturiser, Byredo body lotion, SK-II night cream, Lancer sheer fluid sun shield SPF 30, and lip scrub.

How much will Duckie's face cost you?

Face mask, R495

CLINIQUE Anti Blemish Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask

La Mer renewal oil, R2 900

LA MER The Renewal Oil

Byredo body lotion, R4 100 on wantitall.co.za 

Byredo Blanche body lotion

Night cream, R309

Even Brighter Night Cream 50ml

Lancer Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30 by Lancer, R3 365 on wantitall.co.za

Total estimate: R11 169

Mihlali Ndamase

Beauty vlogger and face of Daniel Wellington, Mihlali Ndamase, has always been transparent about her skin care journey and how she maintains this look:

WATCH: This is how she does it.

Gentle Magic Skincare soap, R10.49

Gentle Magic Skincare lotion, R13.99

Gentle Magic Skincare serum, R26.99

All available at Clicks

*Not for long term use.

Kiehl's Midnight recovery concentrate, R999

Limited Edition Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Forever Living Aloe Vera Aloe Bits 'n Peaches, R371

Forever Aloe

Total estimate: R1 421

(Excluding dermatologist consultations)

Tracee Ellis Ross

The inimitable Tracee owes her age-defying glow to this magical beauty device - derma rollers!

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?????? ~ for grown folks only

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Shop yours for R365 on Takealot.com

Use in conjunction with Payot silky dry oil, R571

Payot Nutricia Huile Satinee 30ml

Total: R936

And now that your skin is youthful, elastic and brighter than the sun, you may resume your other adult activities.

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