With four children (!) Rachel Kolisi is currently a stay at home mother, and invests her spare time in community work and development , which includes projects like the new Zeekoeivlei library which she helped get off the ground recently. She says this has become a massive passion of hers. 

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“I’m working on a bigger project now tackling the school shoe and takkies issues for kids in underprivileged areas that are walking to and from school sometimes 7kms a day in broken shoes.”

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I decided to ask Rachel a few questions about her skincare regime, eating habits, her favourite outfit, etc. 

Lets see how well I Racheled: 

Wake-up time 


7am (she says, this is if all goes well with the baby) 


Relieved as I also usually wake up between 6h30 or 7am to get to work – imaginary high-five Rachel!

Coffee first thing? 


She says “I don't drink coffee at all. I know it's crazy as there are often mornings I feel like I really should be a coffee drinker, but the taste for me is terrible and I’m extremely caffeine sensitive.”


Slightly horrified by this, I immediately start apologising to my colleagues. (They will suffer most.)

How, literally, will I cope? I can’t be nice to people without coffee?! Who can? I drink five cups of (strong) coffee per day. Double shots each. 

Me, crying into my unpressed and unconsumed ground coffee this am.

Where does her strength come from then? She suggests green tea and mint. And that she tries to drink a lot of water. 

I tried it. And it wasn't so bad. 

It definitely made me feel much more hydrated and fresh. (Coffee boosts your mood, but can also make your insides feel like a dry piece of biltong)

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“If you had asked me a few weeks ago it would have been anything from rusks and tea to doughnuts. I'm working on getting fit and healthy again so either a meal replacement shake or oats with rice milk, a few almonds and honey to taste.”


I usually have two fried eggs with coffee. But this sounded delicious. And since I’ve never tried rice milk, I was excited. It was a bit like liquid yoga, comforting goodness all settled in a single bowl. 

Morning skincare regime?


“In the morning I rinse my face with cold water and apply moisturiser and SPF cream.”


I do all of this marvelousness she speaks off but usually head straight for the moisturiser/serum when I get out a hot shower. 

So splashing my face with cool water after the shower and before moisturising brought out the calmness and serenity I have always longed for. If even just for a few seconds. 

Monkhood imminent.

Favourite makeup product? 


“I'm actually useless with makeup products and application so I’m doing what I can to never have to wear makeup; I get lashes, and work closely with a skin specialist doing Botox and regular facials. I’m also looking into microblading my eyebrows soon.”


No to makeup, yes to skincare. That's what I always say. Another high-five Rachel! I feel a closeness, a kinship, a twinship coming on...

Favourite past time? 


“I'm currently enjoying doing some organising and sorting at home.”


I feel most organised when I’ve done the dishes at night. But as far as a sorting out goes, I’m not usually at the top of the class in terms of performance. But, Rachel did inspire me to organise my desk. 

(No picture, because I said 'inspired me'; follow through to be announced)

What is your preferred form of exercise? 


“I love high intensity stuff, boxing and CrossFit are always top of my list.” (I've seen Rachel's Instagram Stories, and yaaaaas gurl)


Well, this came as a relief as I also do boxing at MadFit MMA Boxing gym in town. (My trainer Matt even told me he has trained Rachel before! Which, c’mon basically solidifies that Rachel and I run in the same circles). 

Signature, go-to outfit for the daytime? 


“Always sneakers, jeans and a comfy shirt/jersey.”


I usually wear heels, never high, often block, but after a few hours my feet feel the leathery imprisonment offered by thin metallic straps. 

So, my feet were encased in a pair of Nike Cortez sneakers for the day and I swear I could hear audible sighs of relief.

Favourite food, restaurant in your city? 


"Sushi and steak (when my husband cooks it)", shes says.  “There’s a small sushi spot opposite the stadium in Newlands my husband and I used to go to all the time when we were dating and it's still my favourite spot.”


Happy as a clam in butter. 


I’m basically Rachel’s slightly more caffeinated twin. She is just better organised and comfortable than I am at any given moment. #goals

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