This latest trend might be the craziest of them all. Literally laying an alcohol soaked cloth over the face and then setting it alight. Just wow.

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According to JacarandaFM, Vietnamese beauty enthusiasts are to thank (or criticise) for this potentially dangerous beauty treatment trend.

According to the article, beauty fans are setting their faces alight to "preserve youth".

The treatment, which is called Fire Therapy, supposedly not only slows down skin aging, but also helps to cure headaches and muscle pain. While the whole thing sounds like the benefits are great, how far are would you actually go for beauty?

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Although it sounds and probably is very dangerous, the beauty trend is "becoming increasingly popular" in Vietnam, with more and more people stepping in line to set their skin ablaze.

How it works is a beauty therapist will soak a cloth in alcohol, place it on your face and set it alight for 30 seconds at time. They then use a dry towel to douse the flames. If you ask me, it sounds like an extreme sport and something I wouldn't do, even if I was dared to.

But that's just me.

While there is only one clinic which is called HCM a traditional city clinic that is certified to do the treatment, it hasn't stopped other beauty salons from also getting in on the trend. The treatment cost around 200 000 Vietnamese dong (R118) .

Jacaranda reports that there haven't been any accidents as a result of this Fire Treatment...

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They also said one woman who previously went through fire therapy with a beauty therapist, Mr Lam, a self-proclaimed skincare expert, said she "felt better after using this healing method, despite her body feeling hot during the treatment".

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