It’s a new year - some may be optimistic about what the new year brings, while others maybe be penning a list of intentions for their.

Having to set intentions for careers, school, finances, relationships etc. is very important, but surely it’s useful to set goals for gorgeous skin as well. I mean, if 2018 was the year of self-care, then surely we’re taking that to the next level this year.

With the summer sun blazing, occasionally forgetting our makeup on or not moisturising enough, all of us have room to improve the way we take care of our skin.

As the W24 team we are sharing what our skin goals are this year. Come December, we'll all be glowing.


So let me share my skin goals first.

I would say I’m hitting an intermediate phase in my skincare routine. I’ve battled mild acne and I am now left with scars that I’d like to get rid of. Better moisture and cleansing are my main goals this year.

My 2018 mistake was using products that weren’t designed for my combination skin, so this year my face wash and moisturisers will cater to my combination skin type.

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I’m working on finding a non-greasy sunscreen for my face, to increase my day-to-day sun protection and to take my exfoliation further, I’m keen to try the famed electric facial cleansing brush.

Have a look at what skin resolutions the rest of the W24 team has:

Marilynn - Intern writer

Well now my skin care routine is not that bad (I’d say I was a 6/10). I usually wash my face every night. Thereafter, I moisturise  with night cream. In the morning I don’t use face wash in order to preserve my natural oils.

I also frequently exfoliate, normally with brown sugar and honey and once a week I do a face mask.

However, if it were possible I would go for facials at least three times a week. The products I prefer to use (if my budget allowed) would definitely be Clarins day and night cream, I am also a big fan of Olay regenerating cream.

As for lifestyle changes? A little exercise and fresh air wouldn’t hurt

Improvements I would make to my current routine would be to exfoliate a little bit more and also to do more face masks.

The ultimate contribution I would like to make to my skincare routine would be to wear a lot less makeup.

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As for lifestyle changes, a healthy diet is a must. Also, a little exercise and fresh air wouldn’t hurt –  these are definitely things that I will be prioritising to ensure healthier skin in 2019.

Afika – Fashion and beauty content producer

I need to reach Jhené Aiko’s skin levels by February.

I’m going to stick to my current beauty routine, which includes about six steps at a time; cleanser, toner, sometimes apple cider vinegar, eye serum, hydrating serum, SPF, pore control, face masks and organic face mist.

I got serious about my skin around November last year because I set a goal to reach Jhené Aiko’s skin levels by February (very ambitious).

I do realise that this year my skincare routine is going to have to go beyond products and actually include a lifestyle change or two.

This is why I’m getting back into gym, eating more fruit, drinking more water and taking a few organic supplements. You could therefore say I’m slowly transitioning to a rigorous level of skincare.

Zanele - Editor

I’m calling it the inside-out approach. Instead of spending more money this year on products, I’m going to focus on treating my body as if it can take care of most things on its own if I treat it correctly. The one product I will make sure I always have though and use nightly is micellar water – either in the form of a makeup remover or wipes.

I’m packing a healthier lunch every day

I need to make sure to cleanse my skin nightly especially because of pollution. I have individual lashes so I don’t need to worry about removing mascara and I only use a little concealer if I’m looking a little tired but I do have to fill my eyebrows with a pencil and I wear lipstick every day.

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I’m packing a healthier lunch every day so I’m not stuck thinking of what to have for lunch and being stuck with fried chips because I missed the lunch call at the canteen.

And I’ll be drinking more water, and practicing yoga and meditation more regularly to reduce stress. When you come back from a break and people comment on how good you’re looking you start imagining what permanent damage those stress hormones have to all your organs. Time to use all those masks I always promise to treat myself to with a long bath.

I have to confess that since my days as a beauty editor, I’ve gotten lazy (because I don’t have to test that many products any more) and just use a daily scrub/cleanser, toner and moisturiser with SPF. And eye cream/serum. So I’ve gone from rigorous to basic.

Noluthando - Intern writer

I would like to fully commit to trying the Korean beauty (K-beauty) skincare routine. 

I tend to wake up with eye bags and puffiness, so I think I’ll start using an eye cream

To balance my skin pH levels I want to start using a toner on a regular basis. I tend to wake up with eye bags and puffiness, so I think I’ll start using an eye cream. I also want to get in the habit of using face masks and serums to obtain glowing skin.

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My goal is to continue jogging, start drinking a lot of water and cutting down on junk food.

Do you have any skin goals you'd like to achieve this year? Share your skin resolutions with us here.

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