Over the last couple of years, some designers and editors have packaged freckles as a trend. Of course for those who are naturally freckled, this came as a bit of an insult.

Yet, people are champing at the bit to get their own personal brand of sun kisses like Zoliswa Mbadu's...

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So, freckles are now being tattooed on.

According to WomansDay.com this fad is microblading's new trendy cousin. This means a technique is used that will ensure the freckles fade over time, creating a more natural-looking effect.

VIDEO: What is microblading?

We spoke to Nicol Frank of Blush Cape Town about this new trend.

"Tattooing on freckles lasts about a year. We use a medium brown only, with a colour corrector to make sure that the colour is consistent and unchanging.

"Today we are all so obsessed with being 'perfect' and looking perfect, getting rid of imperfections because of the pressure surrounding us to look good 100% of the time. Freckles are beautiful, they are full of character.

"Thank goodness we have something like this trending and making waves. Enjoy your imperfections, they make you unique."


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HEALED brows and freckles

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A few other tattoo trends to consider...

Hip - small or bigger tats positioned on the hip.

Baby - tiny, dainty ones, often floral or leafy in nature.

Eyeliner - Yes! Another popular cosmetic tattoo is semi-permanent liquid eyeliner says Seventeen.com

Script  - Delicate cursive writing is no longer reserved for the 1800s, it now belongs on your back!

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