So, OcSober has arrived and some of us are contemplating jumping on the month long sobriety bandwagon. Or have already started.

It might not be easy putting down that glass of wine, beer or cider for an entire month but it will definitely be worth it.

Incidentally, there are other ways to feel a buzz without wilting your skin. Perhaps catching up on your favorite television series or taking a long walk. Whatever floats your boat - besides of course alcohol.

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We're all pretty aware of the damaging effects of drinking alcohol on our skin (and our bodies and brain too for that matter), OcSober can sometimes feel like a self-inflicted fun-depriving diet.

When alcohol enters our bodies an enzyme in our livers that is used to metabolise the alcohol, releases a by-product and toxin called acetaldehyde. This toxin in turn, dehydrates our bodies resulting in dry and subsequently premature aging of the skin (yes that's right, wrinkles and pores).

Not only does over consumption of alcohol result in what is known as a "phuza face", but drinking comes with a number of complications such as cancer (alcohol has been linked to a number of cancers - liver, colon, breast etc), alcohol liver disease and foetal alcohol spectrum disease among other serious conditions. 

Plus the high amount of sugar in most of our favorite drinks also contributes to skin problems such as acne and sagging skin according to this HuffPost article by Rebecca Adams

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Besides all those bullets you're about to dodge concerning alcohol consumption this month, here are a few more benefits you'll get from teetotaling.

1. Clearer skin - cutting out alcohol for a few weeks will restore hydration in your body which will result in a more supple and rejuvenated skin.

2. Weight loss - alcohol contains a number of calories and as a result that glass or two of wine can account to almost 500 of your daily caloric intake. Cutting down can help you say goodbye to that beer belly you've been meaning to get rid of.

3. Saving cash- let's be honest drinking can be on the expensive side, so fewer drinks equal more money in your pocket.

4. Better sleep - drinking alcohol before bed increases alpha wave patterns in the brain which is usually something that should happen when you're awake, and ultimately this results in disrupted sleep.

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So you've read the benefits but still don't think you've got what it takes to loosen your grip around that boozy drink?

I found a list of alcoholic drinks that aren't the absolute worst when it comes to toxins, calories and other hidden problems found in your favourite glass of alcohol.

1. Tequila - because this is a high purity spirit drink (the good quality stuff), it doesn't contain any sugars or salt like most of our favourite cocktails.

2. Beer - you've read right, beer contains some anti-oxidants which are said to have an anti-aging effect.

3.Champagne - although a little pricey, according to an article published by Marianne Mychaskiw , champagne actually has great benefits on your skin and can be used as a make-up primer (who knew?)

4.Hard liquor - alcohol such as gin, vodka, and whiskey, when consumed without any of those sugar packing mixers, are actually not all bad and usually contain around 100 calories and almost no sugar, which means no harm done to your precious skin.

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