Lure Hsuis is a 41-year-old interior designer that has the internet abuzz. Why? Because she looks 21. Or even younger, I would argue.

Indy100 reports that she rose to fame after appearing on an entertainment show back in 2015. People were so shocked that she was so much older than she appeared and consequently, was "discovered". Overnight her followers grew exponentially (currently 357K Instagram followers), turning her into a bit of an online sensation.

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And as was the case with Sally, we're all desperately wanting what she's having. So, how does she do it?

Harper's Bazaar notes that she revealed a few of her skincare secrets to Friday magazine, listing sunscreen as her most important beauty tip. She says that moisturising and lack of sun exposure are the two cardinal rules to combat ageing.

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Oh, and caffeine-addicts will rejoice at this one: she drinks a lot of black coffee and follows a very healthy diet of lots of fruit and vegetables and she avoids greasy foods at all costs.

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But of course, I'm sure she's just one of those anomalies. Apply all of her skincare and diet rules, yes. They are all very good, healthy and important. But sometimes, unfortunately, some genes are allowed through the magic portal to eternal youth, while others fall by the wayside.

Such is life.