Bramley’s body lotion and roll-on for men
R16.99 each
Three stars

Companies seem to think that as soon as you slap the words ‘for men’ on a product, men – supposedly too scared to buy a product without these two key words – will buy said product in droves.

I tried the “non-greasy lotion that is rapidly absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling moisturised all day”, according to the Bramley site.

The “non-greasy” claim needs some work. I didn’t find the lotion as absorbent as some others on the market.

The roll-on deodorant was also quite underwhelming. If you make a non-stick deo, surely it should smell really great? The indistinct aroma of Bramley’s roll-on is the exact opposite to what we look for when trying new scents. If it’s going to do more than just look manly, it needs to be effective.

Their site says the aromas in the men’s range have “notes of warm greenery while still having floral accents”; the scent is also “musky and masculine with creamy character”.

I don’t even know how something can be “musky” while also having accents of “greenery” and flowers.

The bottom line is that the combination doesn’t provide a long-lasting aroma. Forget about using just these two products for a fresh smell all day long.

If this product is really going to sell, it needs to do more, and my first suggestion would be to add more scent.

But while Bramley might not be able to compete with other brands in that department, it does have them beat in terms of pricing – Bramley’s roll-on deodorant and body lotion each cost R16.99, so they won’t leave you broke.