I’ve been thinking - hair is weird. Or rather, the strange politics and power around hair is weird. People make a lot of assumptions about other people based on what they do with the follicles growing out of their scalps.

And you can do absolutely squat about it. Even if, like me, it makes you slightly uncomfortable that something so arbitrary can influence people’s thoughts on you.

I didn’t cut or style my hair for a year, because I just couldn’t be bothered. And people ended up thinking I was one of “those women” who don’t do things with their hair. 

Seriously, it’s inescapable.

And it’s not just about how you wear your hair, it’s also about the actual hair you have. Is it straight or curly, prone to mincing (when your hair frizzes) or easily maintainable?

And then of course there’s colour. If you’re a natural blonde you have to contend with dumb blonde jokes, if you’re not you have “blonde moments”. If you are a brunette you’re supposedly sensible. If you’re a redhead you are quick to anger. (I’m not, OKAY?)

And I haven’t even touched on the ethnic hair debate. The examples of stupid questions black women deal with every day are endless. 'Is your hair real?' 'How do you wash it?' 'Why don’t you just go natural?' Etc. Etc. Etc.

Why do we do it? What is it about hair that makes us think it says something about someone?

If you shave your head you’re making a point.

If you dye it a non-natural colour you’re looking for attention.

If you cut your hair short, you’re no nonsense.

If you grow your hair you’re hoping to get married.

If you have a weave you’re not African enough.

If you have an Afro you’re a soul sista.

The list goes on and on.

What do you think a person’s hair choices say about them? Let’s compile a list of everything people think hair signifies.

It’ll be fun, promise.

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