Should you go navy or rather do a metallic polish on your nails? Why not mix it up a bit and try both at once?

The two-tone nail trend is basically colour-blocking for your nails.

Chanel recently showed this beautiful trend at their latest runway show seen at Paris Fashion Week. Models sported monochrome nails as they walked the casino-themed runway.

According to, the models' nails were painted with a two-tone effect using Chanel's Le Vernis nail colour in Beige Pur and Black Satin.

How pretty?

Here are a few two-tone nails tips and tricks:

1. Always use a base coat and a top coat for that perfect finish - this will make the polish last much longer.

2. Cover the op part of your nail with a sticker or some sellotape while you paint the bottom part. Wait until it's dry, remove the tape and paint the remaining bare part of the nail in a different colour.

3. Pair a muted colour with a metallic for some glam-effect.

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