Liz says: 'I am 57 and would love to look 25 again, but then all my experiences, good and bad, would not be reflected back at me every morning in the mirror, (Ok, sometimes that would not be a bad thing) a fact that humbles and makes me grateful for my life.

Every line, every little blemish tells a story.
It is who I am.  I do take expensive care of my skin, but I do it for myself, not for what I look like to others.

With respect to the folk who feel that they need these treatments, look for the beauty that they were born with.
You are gorgeous without any enhancements.'

Lyndall says: 'I am a 30 year old beauty therapist. The reason I state my age and profession is to let you know that in my profession, this kind of debate is ongoing, stretched over multiple different options, and started a lot earlier than 30.

Personally I think that there is a lot you can do for your skin by wearing a sunscreen daily, and in your case, perhaps having your eyes checked.

Maybe you are frowning because you need glasses - or contacts if you are vanity inclined.

Having had the benefit of access to high end facial products, my clients still believe me if I tell them I'm 25. I'm mentally allergic to needles so I think botox and other such things are out of the question.

Having said that, I did tattoo my son's name onto the left hand side of my ribcage (close to my heart), so perhaps when the skin starts to sag I'll reassess this debate, but for now, I'm happy with cleanse, serum, moisturise, sunscreen.'

Berenice says: 'I think growing old naturally is The Best!

I'm a 46 year old mother of 3 (18, 14 and 4)... and i absolutely love my body.

I started getting pimples at 35 and because I squeezed it, I have a few blemishes, but hey I thank God for MAC.

Luckily I've been the same size (10) ever since I can remember.

I think if someone is happy with the way they look that's great, but on the other hand if you are comfortable with "a little bit of help", let no-one stop you!'

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