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We all know that the use of Botox to correct the signs of ageing (those horrid crow's-feet we hate so much) is becoming a seemingly 'normal' surgical procedure.

Yet, we were quite surprised when we recently heard about the latest in crazy cosmetic operations, i.e. Calf Botox. Yes, Botox that are injected into your calves in order to make them appear slimmer.

A few years ago we saw a massive surge in calf implants. Women flocked to plastic surgeons' offices in the vain hope of achieving that athletic, muscular calf - only seen on Sports Illustrated models and professional athletes.

But times and standards of beauty seem to change at the drop of a hat. Women around the world are now opting for the slimming down of the calf using Botox, mainly because they want to fit into skinny jeans and the latest on trend slim fit boots.

Yes, finding boots and skinny jeans as a big-calves woman is rather difficult, believe me. But this? No thanks.

Yahoo! Health has reported on the health risks connected to this drastic procedure, listing that the Botox may cause muscles to diminish. Yes, folks, this could actually change the way people walk.

Botox in essence paralyzes the muscles, which could hinder blood flow from your legs to your heart, according to Yahoo! Health. Um, blood clots.

The latest surgical trend of Calf Botox is...