I have found the whole make-up debate quite fascinating. I’ve been wearing make up for as long as I can remember and I rarely step outside without my foundation. 

It hides the way I blush -I can go a shade of pink at the most random things. I like that it tones down the flaming cheeks that appear without warning. 

Mascara is a staple in my makeup bag and eye shadows are fun to experiment with.  I feel more comfortable ‘with my face on’ when I’m out than bare-faced, which I save for gym workouts or chilling at home.  

But your article got me thinking about makeup in general and wondering if it could be a mask some of us hide behind.

There are friends of mine who have never seen me bare-faced.  Does that make me vain or superficial?  I wouldn’t like to think not.  I know I don’t think that of friends who love make up.

I recently got this dreaded flu, which is going around and it lingered for 3 weeks. This past long weekend I took it easy but each time I went out, I couldn’t be bothered with make up. 

Recovering from the flu left me with enough energy to get dressed and a walk to the car. 

At first, I felt a little naked but I got over it.  I went to a restaurant, visited my favourite book shop and did some grocery shopping. 

I realised that if I ran into someone I knew, they would probably think I was dreadfully ill or had simply given up on my appearance. 

And then I realised I didn’t care.  Because I’m me, not just a person with well-matched foundation and dark eyelashes.

I’m a lot more than a combination of goodies from a make-up counter and I shouldn’t feel any less when I’m not wearing it.

We should all feel good in our own skin and while there is nothing wrong with make-up and enhancing our natural beauty, we shouldn’t hide behind it.

This article is a reader's response to Lilli Radlof's column, Are you a makeup ninja?