Polish model Zuzanna Buchwald is now making headlines for revealing certain things about the modelling industry most might not want to hear.

Refinery29 reports that the now 28-year-old model recently spoke out on a video by the Real Women, Real Stories project and wrote an article published on DailyDot.com, telling the world about her tumultuous modelling journey.

When Buchwald first started modelling, her agency encouraged her to stop eating and to stop exercising in order to stay sample size, i.e. size 0. This was not merely a diet, but a way for her to lose muscle mass, and fast. She went to such great lengths to stay skinny that her skin started to go grey, her teeth developed problems and her hair began to fall out.

She was an athlete before she started modelling, but soon developed anorexia and bulimia after entering the modelling world, which she battled for four years. Luckily, she beat both disorders and lives to tell the tale.

In her article on DailyDot.com she says:

"Staying a size 0 to 2 throughout your career is the unspoken key to success in this industry.” She says that she "was most admired by my agents and designers when I was at my unhealthiest and unhappiest.” This is when she got the most call-backs and bookings.

She said she decided to speak out now, to warn women entering the modelling world not to listen to agents who give them such horrible advice. It’s not worth it and leads to unhealthy bodies and minds that suffer with irreparable damage.

Watch her video here:

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