This is in response to the Dermalex competition.To enter, simply take us through your daily skin care regime.

Letter one:

I have had acne since my teens. I used products with benzoyl peroxide and at 44, I still have the same problem. I have used almost every product on the market. I have at some point used roaccutane.

Dark spots come at that time of the month and are hard to get rid of. I have been on many dermatologist programs and I cleanse in the morning and evening and follow up with a toner. Mornings I use sunblock and in the evening serum or tissue oil. I cover with make up during the day. – Utunzelana

Letter two:

In the morning I would wash my face, pat dry, apply my eye cream and moisturise, and in the evening the same ritual is followed.  – Geraldine

Letter three:

Morning: Thoroughly wash face and neck with L’Oreal even perfection face wash. Moisturise with Sorbet moisturiser.

Night: Thoroughly wash face with Garnier pure active face wash. Twice a week, I use the Garnier pure active intensive face scrub and in this instance I use the Garnier refreshing toner. At night I use the plain un-cented E45 moisturiser as it is not oily or greasy. – Claire

Letter four:

I wash my face twice a day, morning and night and toner at night as well as a moisturiser at night only as I am very much aware of my terrible skin, and I definitely do not want my face to be shiny and oily during the day. Been battling with acne for years and as a young adult it is very annoying and embarrassing, it has definitely taken a knock on my self-confidence. – Candice

Letter five:

I use Nivea skin refining scrub face wash daily. Once in the morning and again in the evening before bed. – Greg

Letter six:

1.       Wash thoroughly with face wash
2.       After washing cleanse with toner
3.       Apply complex control cream
4.       Apply day cream with SPF
1.       Wash thoroughly with face wash / scrub
2.       Apply overnight breakout clearing treatment - Melinda

Letter seven:

I wash my face with face washer after I use a toner and then moisturise it with cream in the morning and I do the same at night. – Prescilla

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