This is in response to Lili Radloff's column, Our biggest beauty blunders

So my anniversary was coming up and I decided to surprise my then-boyfriend with some sexy lingerie. So off we went to the mall.

I found what I was looking for and was in the fitting room trying it on when I decided  to get his opinion. So, I asked the changing room lady to go get him (as I was not exactly dressed for the occasion).

He was waiting outside, along with a few other guys (all of them looking frazzled and wanting to be anywhere else but here).

“He's the one with the child," I said. In hindsight, I should have been more specific or phoned him. 

Seconds later the lady returned, I opened the cubicle door only to find out that she had bought the wrong boyfriend! I'm not sure which of us three was more embarrassed. The wrong boyfriend was first to recover and mumbled, “Good choice,” before he hurried off.

*Story has been edited for clarity

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