Wedding receptions are something everyone looks forward to.

For many, that usually means kicking the celebrations off with an epic dance routine. From show-stopping flash mobs, to heart-stopping, pound-pulsing mother/son and father/daughter dance duos, these days bridal parties are pretty serious about bringing their A-game to the dance floor.

And more often than not, they pull it off quite spectacularly.

These 5 videos will have you wanting to bust out those Beyoncé-inspired dance moves.

The Bey-busting moves

Speaking of Beyonce, our first video is one that blends a mash-up of songs from Bey as well as Lil Mo’s 4Ever. According to Huffington Post,  Melissa Molinaro is a Canadian actress and dancer whose now-husband, Bryan Kowalski, loves to watch her perform.

As a tribute to him, Melissa (along with her bridal entourage), dropped some epically fierce moves (much to the delight of both her husband and the audience) that soon had all of the guests joining in on the fun.

Check out the video below.

It’s not just the brides who are all about the dance moves though

This next video is adorably hilarious.  Under the guise of a game, this groom, along with some help from his friends performed a choreographed routine in front of his unsuspecting bride and their guests.

Featuring a mix of different songs, this dance set, while not always perfectly in sync (to be perfectly honest, the video’s magic is all in the fantastic and hilarious enthusiasm from the dancers), was met with a wild round of applause and quickly went viral.

Watch the video and you’ll see exactly why this video proved to be so popular.

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The wedding haka

Rugby fans will know that whenever the New Zealand rugby team is playing against another team, they always perform the haka. While it is generally considered to be a war dance or war cry in New Zealand and Maori culture, the haka is actually more than that.

Characterised by dance moves meant to intimidate and aggressive facial expressions, it is easy to assume that it’s simply meant as a battle cry. However, according to, the haka has evolved and has come to be seen as a symbol of strength for communities. In fact, these days the haka is performed at funerals, local events and at weddings.

One such wedding where the haka was performed, recently went viral a few months ago.  According to Refinery29, the wedding of Aaliyah and Benjamin Armstrong made headlines the world over when a video emerged showcasing the groomsmen and the guests performing the haka at the wedding.

The emotional response of the bride and groom is something to behold and eventually, they couldn’t resist joining in.

Watch the incredible video below:

The bride and brother dance duo

I’m fascinated by Indian dancers and dancing. It’s mesmerising to watch how they synchronise  such complicated dance moves so easily and effortlessly. This Indian bride and her brother are no exception to the rule.

In fact, their Bollywood-inspired dance medley is so infectious, I couldn’t resist watching this twice.

Check out the incredible video below.

The dance to end all dances

We absolutely love this bride’s reaction to the dance routine the groom and his best men surprised her with. Their moves are cheeky and on point and almost professional looking, to be perfectly honest.
Watch them switch seamlessly from song to song, to much applause from both the bride and the guests.

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