The mob whose singing game is totally on point

Naomi had no idea what was in store for her when her partner, Mark Fury, proposed to her.

Like a scene straight out of a musical, this flash mob descended upon them in a restaurant and proceeded to sing their hearts out to a marvellous mash-up of Bruno Mars’s Just the Way You Are and Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

Not only are they pitch-perfect, but the audience loved it so much that many of them got up to bop along to the routine.

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The cinematic flash dance

Archit and Amy were at a cinema in Houston when friends and family stepped up to the plate and absolutely rocked it in this brilliantly choreographed routine. According to Archit, family flew in from all over the US to be part of the flash dance, which seamlessly blends a combination of music from different cultures to celebrate their diverse union.

Watch how it unfolds and culminates into a simple but beautiful proposal at the end.

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It takes a village

Now this is one proposal that is truly epic. This flash mob, which takes place in China, features a huge crowd of people of people dancing to Bruno Mars’s Marry You. Watch how this guy lures his unsuspecting girlfriend into the heart of Beijing’s city centre.

Best parts of this video? The huge, dancing penguin mascot and the look on his girlfriend’s face when her partner joins in on the choreographed fun.

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The London flash mob

Hasan and Soma were just walking around in London when they happened upon a crowd who were dancing to, yep, you guessed it, Marry You by Bruno Mars (side note: singers, please do more wedding songs. If I have to hear this song ONE MORE TIME...).

What’s great about this is that halfway during the performance, Hasan joins in and shows off his own dancing skills before he goes down on one knee to propose. 

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The Disneyland Bollywood Bhangra proposal

Poonam Jolly thought she was simply going on vacation to Disneyworld, but what started out as a supposed holiday quickly became one of the best moments in her life when her partner, Kiranjit Sidhu set up an elaborate dance routine to propose to her.  

Both Kiranjit and Poonam are members of Bhangra Empire, a professional dance group based in the US and, unbeknownst to her, Kiranjit and a few members of the group secretly planned a special flash mob proposal – in true Bhangra style - just for her.   

The action starts from about the two minute mark.

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Article: Tammy February

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