There's no denying the fact that bubbly adds the ultimate touch of glamour at any event. Champagne can take any celebration from lukewarm to lit AF.

And it may just be the perfect social lubricant to help get both sides of the family better acquainted.

But before you say, "duh, of course there'll be champagne at my wedding," think beyond the two bottles chilling on ice at each table, waiting for the toasts to finally be made.

There are so many other ways to serve this refined celebratory elixir at your wedding reception. The trick to serving it with a difference lies in personalisation and presentation.

Make your guests feel important by sending them home with a personal reminder of your big day.

We live in the era of curated aesthetics and self-branding, which is why a marketing strategy such as the Coca-Cola 'Share a Coke' campaign was so successful.

Investopedia conducted a case study on the success of this campaign and found that it can be attributed to the fact that the modern consumer places a lot of importance on "self-expression, individual story-telling and staying connected with friends." Something which is also very relevant to wedding planning.

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You want your guests to leave with a lasting memory of the day you said "I do", so you'll probably create a social media hashtag to accompany all the wedding day Instagram posts and you may also want your guests to also leave with branded party favours.

Here are five lavish ideas to personalise your wedding using the glorious golden bubbles.

1. Champagne escort cards

Why not welcome your guests with a glass (or 187ml bottle) of fine champagne? This is quite a chic way of letting your guests know where to find their seats at the reception.

2. Champagne fountain

One of the wedding industry's biggest fashion directories, The LANE, advises playing with proportion when it comes to wedding décor. And a scintillating champagne fountain is probably the best way to add height, while also dabbling in the new wedding tradition of pouring bubbles over a tower of champagne flutes with your Forever Bae.

Ruth & James / Champagne fountain

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3. Confectionery & cocktails

Yes, forget about calories for just one day and entertain your sweet tooth instead. Macaroons, candy floss, champagne truffles and the Mimosa's sugary cousins will all make for fun boozy desserts without making you feel guilty about having "just one more drink."

4. Champagne guest "book"

The Moët & Chandon wedding experience entails a bespoke set of wedding essentials, including cuff links for the groom and bracelets for the bridesmaids, as well as a beautiful personalised magnum bottle to be signed by guests, nestled in a Moët & Chandon holder. 

So why not spoil your guests with this luxury champagne, served from the elegant Moët & Chandon champagne pyramid and paired with a delicate dessert, instead of a wedding cake? This will definitely create an unforgettable #moetmoment for guests to capture. 

And we're absolutely besotted with the attention to detail this wedding package boasts.

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5. Personalised favours and centerpieces

Again, people love seeing their names on things, so make your guests feel important by sending them home with a personal reminder of your big day.