1. This ring bearer who didn’t give a crap about the monetary value of the ring.

Watch how this adorable little blighter runs down the aisle and throws the pillow holding the ring onto the floor. Never more has the body language of a child screamed “I will make you pay for making me part of this wedding.”

Gotta love the moment when the violinist goes slightly off key as the pillow toss happens.

2. This flower girl who didn’t like her job and wasn’t afraid to show it.

There’s nothing like having a reluctant flower girl be part of your entourage. My best guess is that she was initially excited, but when it came to the actual day, decided that this wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

And if her delaying tactics weren’t enough to convince you that she just wasn’t lus for this affair, then wait until she pulls a face and sticks her tongue out in front of the nearest camera.

3. No, I don’t want to pose prettily for your photo.

Because sometimes you just need to flip the bird, as this fed up, but adorable little madam clearly demonstrates.

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4. Excuse me, but this is what I really think of your wedding.

There’s nothing like a baby interrupting a ceremony with a well-timed, wet fart.

Frankly, the force of wind that erupts from this infant’s bottom is so loud, that we’re pretty convinced that this wasn’t simply just a fart.

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5. The wedding speech to end all wedding speeches.

Hats off to this little guy for standing in front of the crowd and making a speech that was TOTALLY unrelated to the actual wedding. But, what does that matter when you end up looking all the more adorable for it, right?

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