If you’ve ever seen someone plan a wedding you’ll have seen how it can be all too easy to lose your cool and go completely insane.

After all, a lot of ladies have a good idea of what they want from their wedding and will do everything in their power to get it.

There are several ways you can make the planning process easier for yourself; here we list five.

Never plan alone
Most women are born with that one flaw that gets us that tiny bit stressed when planning certain things, and that is the inability to not take control.

We can’t escape that fact, we hate getting help for the most part and we want everything done by our own hand. This is something you seriously need to shake off because even just a little bit of help can mean the difference between a wonderful wedding or a ceremony catastrophe.

You can confide in your friends, after all you should be getting the help of your maid of honour for the most part. Just stop every now and then and think to yourself “am I being reasonable?”, even better would be to ask a friendly face what they think.

Keep everything on record
The smallest of ideas and details need to be written down. You’ll have a thousand ideas, as we all do, for your wedding so make sure it’s all documented.

Anytime you have a brainwave, write it down. Anytime you see something in a shop window you think would be perfect for the big day, write down the price and shop name. Even if they don’t sell it when your big day comes, they’ll be able to tell you where you can get them.

If you have receipts, keep those too. It might seem like a lot of effort, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run when it comes to actually paying for everything.

Give yourself plenty of time
Seems like a very simple thing to say, but many brides will become so excited by the thought of getting married that they forget to plan at all and have to sacrifice parts of their ceremony.

Giving yourself a lot of time to plan also means that you can get items for the wedding for cheaper, why? Because everything goes on offer at some point in its life, waiting around means you get the exact things you want at a fraction of the original price.

It’s a smart and savvy way to plan the day, especially when you’re working to a tight budget.

Expect a few plan b's
It might seem like a cynical way to look at life, but if there is anything to be learned over the years it’s that not everything goes to plan.

When planning your wedding, even really far in advance, you need to be prepared for a few items to no longer be made or very hard to get hold of. The venue, for example, needs to have a backup plan as they can themselves cancel your ceremony last minute.

When it comes to things out of your control, you need to make a plan B. Even the wedding dress needs a plan B, regardless of if it’s being made for you or not. You plan B needs to be something you are happy with and that is easy to get hold of.

Relax... I mean it!
With all that is going on, you need to remember that you are only human. Spending hours upon hours trying to plan for anything can stress you out to the point of no return.

Run yourself that bath, pour that glass of wine and catch up with the friends you have no doubt ignored for a while or a husband to be who could do without an evening of arranging seating plans.

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