What’s a wedding without a cake? Just a boring party, to be perfectly honest. The extravagance of the cake highlights the social status of the couple, as the higher the tiers, the more wealthy the couple is. 

Taking all of this into account, some couples spend more on their cake than the norm. Here are four of the most ridiculously expensive wedding cakes ever made:

4.    The Royal Cake

Cake designer, Fiona Cairns made the eight tier fruitcake for Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day. The cake had to be transported from the bakery to Buckingham Palace and was placed with a variety of 17 flowers, such as English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil and Irish shamrock.

On the sixth tier were the couple’s initials surrounded by a sugar-pasted lily of the valley to symbolise sweetness and humility. Once completed, the cake was adorned with a total of 900 sugar-pasted flowers and cost a cool R1.1 million.

3.    Dallas Bridal Fair    

In 2010, the Dallas Bridal Fair displayed a nine tiered masterpiece that was created by Dallas’ Delicious Cake in conjunction with the Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange. The cake weighed over 72kgs and was covered in ivory fondant and detailed with scrolling lines of silver ‘lustre dust’.

Strings of diamonds were draped along the nine tiers and for a final touch, large diamonds and sapphires were placed along the base of the cake. In total the cake was decorated in 1200 carats of diamonds and sapphires and it’s estimated cost was at a price of R18 million. The cake served 320 people, which makes for about R43 000 a slice.

2.    The Luxury Bridal Show    

Created by La Patisserie Artistique cake designer, Nahid Parsa the cake was displayed for The Luxury Bridal Show in Beverly Hills, California. The thick creamy white frosting covered the top of the cake and heavy ivory fondant covered the lower tiers.

The middle tiers were coated with satin-like ruffles and pastel flowers and the lowest contained small gold flakes. But what made this wedding cake a million dollar confectionery masterpiece were the large diamonds elegantly placed from top to bottom.

The guests of the bridal show were not able to eat, or even come close to the cake as it was surrounded by six armed guards. The final cost tallied to R276 million.

1.    National Gay Wedding Show

The world’s most expensive wedding cake was created by Cake, a bakery in Chester, England and was valued at a whopping R728 million.

The edible masterpiece was on display at the National Gay Wedding Show in Liverpool in March 2013 and consisted of eight tiers of white fondant icing, adorned with 4000 diamonds. After the event concluded the guests were able to eat the sparking masterpiece, without the diamonds of course.

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