Nothing says passive aggressive like a bride who posts a list on Facebook stating just why certain “friends” will not be invited to her big day.

This is exactly what one very entitled yet weirdly insecure bride ended up doing.

According to Jezebel, this bride-to-be (whose name is not mentioned), opted to use Facebook as a platform to explain just why some people won’t be making her list of folk who will receive an invitation to her wedding.

The post, which first appeared on reddit, features a list of 7 ridiculous points which, if you ask us, smacks of bitterness and childishness.

While we do realise that every bridal couple has the right to invite whoever they want, featuring a public list of requirements for EVERYONE to see is not just desperate, but shows an extreme lack of social etiquette.

Her tone also speaks volumes.

I mean, she’s asking people to not get “butt hurt” over her requests, but it seems as if she’s the one who’s clearly got a bone to pick with a lot of people.

Have a look at the post in all of its glory.

 Image credit: Reddit

The best thing about it though? Is one Jezebel reader’s comment, which sparked off a list of tongue-in-cheek responses as well.

Check out what Prosopagnosia had to say:

1. If I ever offered you a bite of my sandwich and you refused.
2. If I ever asked you what you thought of the "Notebook" and your reply was "Meh".
3. If I ever let you borrow a pencil in the fourth grade and you never returned it.
4. If I have ever held the door open for you and you never made eye contact with me.
5. If you have voted democrat.
6. If you have ever posted any spoilers on Facebook knowing that I always wait to (sic) weeks after a movie's opening weekend to go see it.
7. If you have ever made a comment about my husband's hair (good or Bad)
8. If you never liked any of my facebook posts.

We can’t help but wonder what the bride has to say for herself after this.

Do you have a bridezilla story to share? Tell us about your encounters below.

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