Every woman dreams of her perfect fairytale wedding where price doesn’t play a role and no expense is spared. When you get older those dreams vanish into thin air when you see just what the cost of weddings are these days. However, some people get to have those extravagant weddings with no financial pain at all.

And if you thought Kim Kardashian’s R400 million wedding makes the cut, then you’ve got a big surprise coming, as these weddings listed below are four of the most expensive weddings in history.

4.  Prince William & Kate Middleton

The future King of United Kingdom, Prince William had a much anticipated and publicised wedding that was watched all around the world. The wedding had two receptions, which included over 900 people for luncheon and dinner.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a R5.5 million wedding gown and the total number of flowers added up to close to R11mllion. The wedding was said to be in the region of to R460 million.

3.  Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia

India’s richest man, Lakshmi Mittal threw a lavish wedding for his daughter Vanisha Mittal when she wed banker Amit Bhatia in Versailles, France. The wedding celebration included chefs flown in from India and a performance by Kylie Minogue at the reception and the wedding was said to cost R1 billion.

2.  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Princess Salama

In 1981, Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates (UAE) threw a wedding fit for royalty, as he required the construction of a stadium from scratch to accommodate the couples 20 000 guests. The cost of the wedding was estimated at R600 million, but converting it into today’s fluctuation rate it is about R1.4 billion.

1.  Prince Charles & Princess Diana

Three decades later and despite its unfortunate circumstances, the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer remains the most expensive wedding of all time. The R650 million (R1.5 billion according to inflation rates) celebrations included 27 wedding cakes, three receptions and had over 750 million people watching worldwide.

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