The fascinating thing about weddings and wedding trends is that they’re always changing. 

While some aspects remain the same (many brides still choose to wear white for example), the way ceremonies and receptions are held is constantly evolving. So too is the art (or function) of gift giving.

Money as a wedding gift is pretty common place these days – in fact, the assumption is that most couples often prefer it, unless stated otherwise. For most of us, gifting cash simply involves placing money in an envelope with a beautiful card and handing it over during the reception.

However, in a country like Zimbabwe where there is a shortage of bank notes, an innovative solution has been put in place – with the approval of many of their local banks.

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Banks are providing card machines as loans to couples who are getting married so that they can be passed around and guests can swipe their cards and gift the couple with money.

It might not be seen as a physical gift on the day of the wedding, but the end result is the same – and as someone who almost never carries large amounts of cash on me and prefers swiping, I can definitely get behind this trend.

Watch the video above and let us know whether or not card machines should replace the more traditional option.

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