There are a lot of stories about how once should either a) not splurge on your wedding, because it’s about your marriage or b) go ahead and arrange a big affair because you only get married once.

Personally I think you should get married the way you and your partner want to. 

If you want a small celebration, don’t let anyone chime in with unsolicited advice, and if you want a big wedding (and can afford it on top of that), then get that wedding planner, book that space in the vineyard and make an entrance your guests will never forget.

It does seem as if more couples are leaning toward the latter though. Sociologists and wedding planners alike, according to the video above, have noted that many engaged folk are opting for the kind of extravagant wedding that features unforgettable props – specifically the kind that not many others can repeat – to incorporate into their wedding festivities. 

In other words, they don’t want the wedding to simply be a celebration, but an event for the ages. It’s not only about creating an enjoyable day for their guest, but it’s about offering them an experience. 

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Some couples are even resorting to having fireworks, caricatures and comedians at their wedding. But wedding planners have noted that while it’s about having a wonderful day, there’s also a lot of pressure that comes from being on social media that sees other couples competing with their Instagram counterparts.

They want to be inspired by them, but they also want to outdo them. 

There’s no doubt that some of these wedding are incredible to see, but if it comes from a place of Insta-envy and competitiveness, is that really a healthy way to go about getting the wedding of your dreams?

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