Don’t settle on the first dress you see. Even if that dress  seems to be everything you've wanted. If that's the case, make sure you really, really want that dress.  Oh, and if you do decide the first dress is the dress you're going with, you may want to avoid going to another dress shop afterwards.  

You don't want to be saddled up with all the pesky feelings buyer's remorse brings, do you?

Be open to the fact that the style you want, may not be suited to you at all.  I know this one's a tough one for many, but sometimes the dress you want just doesn't look all that good on you at all. Think of it this way:  you don't want to look at your wedding photographs later and wonder: "What was I thinking?", do you?

Don’t shop at places you know you can’t afford. Why kill yourself when you see something you want, but can’t have. Also, think in terms of what you’re going to be doing after the wedding. Would it really be worth spending all that money on a dress you'll probably only wear once?

Make sure you buy the right size.  Don’t buy a dress one size too small, even though you are on a diet. If you lose weight, you can rather have the dress adjusted. If you gain weight, you’ll be sorry that you bought that expensive dress in that size.

Try before you buy. Just because the dress is your exact size, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t fit it before you purchase it. Dress sizes vary and sizes differ when it comes to the make, cut and cloth used for the dress.

Make sure you’ve budgeted a little extra. Just in case.  Because it’s always better to over-budget than to under-budget.
Imagine not being able to buy that dress because you were a couple of grand too short?

Don’t shop at too many shops. It will only lead to confusion and indecisiveness.
Accept the fact that there will always be a better dress and that no matter how long you search for the perfect dress, your feet will eventually get tired.  Find a dress that speaks to your individual style. Chances are you'll often find the perfect dress in the little-known shop that everyone bypasses.

Do a little research before you shop.  You don’t want to end up at a shop where they don’t cater for your dress size, there’s little to no service and where the quality of the dresses are not what you initially thought they were, do you?

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