We recently discovered how much Hailey Baldwin’s ring supposedly cost according to experts - $500 000 (over R6.6 million). Now we’re hearing the latest story in how Justin proposed to his now wife to be, Hailey and how he chose the ring. 

Recently, the jeweller behind the beautiful ring, Jack Solow of New York City-based Solow & Co., Inc. Diamond Jewelers, spoke about the time he spent with Justin custom designing the ring. 

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"Justin had a big hand in it. He had certain design elements that he wanted and he had certain expectations, and I think we delivered," Jack told E! News. Apparently Justin was very particular about the diamond and the setting of the ring.

After Justin helped design the ring, it was ready in just a few weeks and then Jack personally delivered the ring to Justin before he left to the Bahamas where he was to propose to Hailey. 

When Jack delivered the diamond to Justin, he asked him what he saw in the diamond as he looked at it through the magnifying jeweller’s loupe and Justin said he thinks he sees Hailey’s face.

Here’s a picture of the ring:

Image: Getty