Have you ever wondered why women wear white on their wedding day? Well, we have the answer - it's all thanks to Queen Victoria wore wore a white gown when she married Prince Albert on February 10, 1840.

According to the Washington Post, the bride went for a white lace and silk-satin gown that she designed herself. Usually wedding dresses came in a variety of colours and were worn again after the bride's wedding day with royal wedding dresses typically being red at the time says this Insider article. 

But that all changed when Queen Victoria walked down the aisle to get married to her prince. She also flouted tradition when she wore a wreath instead of a crown on her wedding day and preferred not to wear the royal furs usually sported by royal brides in those days. 

And even her 12 bridesmaids wore white - something Kate Middleton paid tribute to when her sister wore a cream coloured gown for her wedding in 2011. 

Since there were no photographs back then, here's a portrait of Queen Victoria's wedding to Prince Albert

The royal wedding of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria in 1840. Image: Getty