Newlyweds Nick and Zoe Aust, also known as @ marrymeintravel on Instagram, travelled the world to capture beautiful honeymoon photographs.

The in-love couple, from New Jersey in the US, got engaged in 2016. After saying “I do” in December 2017 they decided to quit their jobs and embarked on a year-long honeymoon.

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They also started a joint Instagram account to document their travel experiences.

“Life’s too short to wear your wedding dress only once,” Nick told People. “And the world’s too big to only stay in your little town your whole life.

“Our hope is that when people see our pictures they feel nothing but inspired to explore a new place, try a new hobby and fulfill that dream they’ve always had.”

The pair visited 33 countries in 52 weeks, including romantic trips to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Lion’s Head in Cape Town and beautiful forests in Thailand, Yahoo reports.

Most of the pictures show Zoe donning her stunning V-neck Watters Ferrera gown featuring lace and intricate beading.

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“Zoe chose the Ferrera gown which ended up being the perfect dress for her travels. It was inspired by the spirit of a fun-loving bride with a distinct taste,” said Watters Ferrera’s style director, Sydney Watters Dunbar.

The gown includes “a beaded fringe that celebrates the joyous moments brides have in their dream dress”, he added.

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It was only after their wedding that the couple decided to take the breathtaking gown along on honeymoon.

“Neither one of us expected it to hold up after the first few flights!” Nick said.

“This dress has seen trains, boats, flights, tuk-tuk rides, taxis and a helicopter ride over the Himalayas,” Zoe added.

“It’s seen snow and incredible heat, rain and fog. It’s been covered in dirt and washed in the Indian Ocean.

“I’ve swam in this dress, climbed the Great Wall of China in this dress, rode a bicycle in Japan in this dress.

“But my greatest accomplishment while wearing it was marrying Nick. I’m so incredibly thankful for all this dress has withstood, but that will always be my favourite memory in it.”

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