Turkey is allowing wedding ceremonies to resume once again after a months-long ban due to the coronavirus pandemic. But a protective mask is now obligatory for the brides as well as for guests.

Seizing the opportunity, a bridal boutique in Istanbul is creating ornate masks to match wedding dresses. In Turkey, masks are obligatory for the wedding party and guests.

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Designer Pinar Bent says, "We create the designs so that the lace and patterns on the masks match the wedding dress. It's not that difficult for us - it's harder for the brides. On the day, it's already difficult to wear the dress with all its layers, and then there's the excitement, the stress, and now you have to add this mask to cover your mouth."  

After trying on the mask, model Banu Gunduz said, "I find it comfortable, and [now] you don't have to bother too much with makeup. But it's better if it's not too hot." 

Turkey has reported nearly 200 000 coronavirus cases.

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