If you, like me, are a Harry Potter fan, there is no doubt that you’ll be utterly charmed and beguiled by Emma and Greg’s wedding.

According to Offbeat Bride, Emma (an Offbeat Bride Tribe member) , a photographer, and Greg, a marine biologist first met online and bonded over their mutual adoration of J.K Rowling’s best-selling fantasy series.

Below, the couple shares a bit of their story.

Date and location of wedding: The Administrator's House Yard at the Edgefield McMenamins in Troutdale, OR — August 14, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance:
When we first met online, one of the major things that drew us to one another was our love of Harry Potter. When we decided to get married, having a Harry Potter-themed wedding was a no-brainer; it was a tip of the (witch) hat to why we ended up together.

Another absolute no-brainer for us was the venue. The Mcmenamins Edgefield Hotel is an old, poor farm out in Multnomah County that has been revamped into a hotel with a brewery, distillery, winery, spa, golf course and TEN different bars and restaurants on site. It's like Disneyland for adults with its Dr. Seuss meets Lemony Snicket aesthetic, whimsical paintings everywhere, and hidden courtyards. It was the perfect place to pretend we were in a wizarding wonderland.

Their herb and vegetable garden provided the ingredients for our vegetarian pasta buffet, while the vineyard out front gave us the fantastic wine we got to enjoy at the reception. We couldn't have invented a more perfect setting if we'd tried.”

Special thanks to Offbeat Bride for permission to republish their story. To view the entire gallery (and we HIGHLY recommend that you do), visit Offbeatbride.com.

Image credit: Josh Lasko

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