This is exactly what happened to this unfortunate bridesmaid at a bridezilla's wedding.

Daily Mail reports that the fat-shaming happened when the bride ordered customised t-shirt's for her wedding party which she paid for in full for each of her bridesmaids bar one.

In a Facebook post, the bride complains about the bridesmaid in question, because the bridesmaid had asked for a t-shirt to be printed for her too so that she could be part of the bridal team.

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The angry bride to be was clearly not impressed with this seemingly reasonable request because this particular bridesmaid's t-shirt would cost $7 (about a hundred rand) because of the "extra fabric" that would be used to make it.

See the originally post below.

A bride has been accused of 'fat shaming' her bridesmaid after saying she should pay an extra $7 for the personalised vinyl shirt she wanted because she's a 'size 3XL'

Many users called the bridezilla out for fat shaming her bridesmaid. Read a few of their comments below.

"'I would be out of that wedding so fast,' one woman wrote", while another said, "'Everyone says something they regret at some point in their life... the fact that this bride didn't care that she shamed her friend is the worst part of this post".

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And I could not agree more. In fact, personally, I would drop out of the wedding party and skip the wedding altogether.

Should this bridesmaid ditch this wedding or just pay for the t-shirt?

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