And this is not a joke.

A young bride-to-be was recently the subject of much scorn and ridicule after she had posted "a dilemma" she had been facing regarding her bridal party, her bridesmaids' eye colours and the colour of the their dresses did not match.

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In a Facebook post she wrote: "How over the top is it to buy my blue eyed bridesmaids color (sic) contacts? I'm offering to let them select any color even a rich amber brown like mine (I'm not afraid of being overshadowed!!)

"I just think blue eyes would clash since one of the wedding colors is chartreuse."

Screengrab of this brides arguably outrages request

She then went to post a picture of the colour dress she was thinking of, which is really bright lime yellow.

The colour dress that would apparently not match with blue eyed bridesmaids

The post was quickly followed by hundreds of comments from people who thought this bride-to-be was downright crazy. One Facebook user commented that the colour of the dress was the actual problem and not the colour of the bridesmaids' eyes.

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“Hunny, it’s not the eyes that clash with that dress. It’s that highlighter yellow dress that clashes with everything.” While another outright called the bride-to-be a bridezilla: “Why not buy yourself blue eyed contacts there Bridezilla?”

It is unclear whether the young bride was serious or not but it sure did seem that way.

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