From the bride who threatened to unfriend Facebook friends if they didn't cough up thousands to attend her wedding, to the bride who actually canceled her wedding because guests wouldn't donate R21 000 to the event, weddings can bring out the worst in some people.

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Overbearing bridezillas seem to be the trend this year.

Most recently, according to an article published on Indy100, a young woman set social media alight when she took to a Facebook ring-shaming group to post a photo of an engagement ring that her bf was planning to give her with a caption that read " Ewww, found this on my bf's night stand, not a fan[...]"

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The post, which was quickly sent by a Facebook user to Reddit, resulted in a lot of backlash.

One Reddit user wrote "I'll drop this * like a bad habit"


Another wrote " You could literally give me an onion ring and I'd marry your *"


Many of the site's users even called for the boyfriend to dump the ungrateful bride to be.

"Seriously. This makes me want to cry"


"Shows her true character".


While bridezillas have entertained and shocked us with their outrageous demands and expectations, this one seems especially wild because the proposal hadn't happened yet.

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