A couple who lost their precious wedding album has travelled the world recreating snaps of their special day – they’ve been to 11 different countries so far.

Ché Dyer (32), who was born in South Africa but now lives in London, has been photographed in her white bridal gown all around the globe in exotic locations, including the French Alps, Sydney, Australia and the Kruger National Park.

She and her husband, Warren (34), have even relived their big day against a backdrop of the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle, as well as a full moon party in Bali.

Ché, a yoga teacher, first came up with the idea on their way to a music festival in Belgium. Their wedding photographer had let them know the disc containing their photos had been damaged beyond repair.

“I was pretty upset at not having any decent photos of us in our wedding kit, so I just decided to throw it out there as a dress-up idea for a music festival we were going to,” Ché says.

“I casually joked to my husband that I was going to dress up in my wedding dress to get some wedding pictures. To my surprise, he responded with, ‘Cool, what should I wear?’ So the first wedding dress adventures took place at the music festival.”

After having loads of fun in their wedding attire at the festival, the couple decided to make an “around-the-world wedding album” to replace the one they failed to receive.

“We took another two trips in our wedding gear to Amsterdam and the French Alps, which were fun, but it was on our third trip to Seville in Spain that we really made it a thing,” she says.

The couple’s wedding took place in South Africa back in 2013.

The 32-year-old said her custom-made dress had stood the test of time after being packed up on dozens of occasions, but admitted to asking strangers for help when taking it on and off each time.

“The first outing with the dress was hilarious because we had no idea what we were doing and how best to do it all. Changing into the wedding dress definitely isn’t a one-man job,” she says.

Although the couple won’t be able to recreate all the amazing feelings of their wedding day, they are grateful to have a growing wedding album.

“In some ways, I’m grateful to not have had wedding photos as we now have an incredible growing wedding album around the world, with many more amazing memories and locations. And we always have a little reminder on every trip we take to take time to reconnect back to each other.”

Sources: Magazine Features