The white dress is being put on and the bow tie fastened, weddings are back on in China's Wuhan and photo shoots along the water's edge are in full swing. 

Matrimony, birthdays and celebrations have been cancelled around the world but in Wuhan, the first city to go on lockdown in January has recently seen that lockdown being lifted. 

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Wuhan couple Yao Bin and Peng Jing are happy to be reunited.

"We stayed home every day and I missed her. When I missed her the only thing I could do is chat with her on WeChat and have video calls," says Peng.

"We had video calls, played online games and played computer games — that is all we could do," adds Yao.

Yao and Peng had originally planned to register their marriage on 20 February 2020. The date has a lot of two's in it, considered auspicious, symbolising couple-hood was meant to be one of China's most popular wedding dates.

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But as the Luna New Year ended, Wuhan was shut down. And with that their plans went out the window. But just last Saturday they tied the knot and had the elaborate photo shoot of their dreams.

They are planning their Chinese wedding banquet in May but it will be a simple celebration in Yao's family home.

Hotels are still not taking bookings and big gatherings are still frowned upon.

Compiled by Phelokazi Mbude

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