An Australian bride is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The unnamed woman told one of her wedding guests that her R2 750 wedding gift wasn’t expensive enough and demanded a further R3 000, reports.

The guest, who’s a friend of the bride, took to Reddit to express her anger over her “bridezilla” friend’s demands.

“She told me that the cost of having my husband and I at her wedding was far more than the miserly gift we gave her,” she wrote.

“So I told her we gave them R2 000 cash and a small designer candle of R750, but I thought perhaps someone had stolen the card with the cash. Yet she said it wasn’t enough as the venue charge was R2 500 per head, so I owed her another R3 000 cash.

“My friend has always been a bit quick to judge and can be tone-deaf rude, but she has a good heart.”

The wedding guest had initially thought her friend was joking but soon realised she was serious, reports the Daily Mail.

It’s not common for Australian wedding guests to give presents that cover the cost of their attendance, the outraged guest explained.


Social media users didn’t hesitate to give their two cents, with one user saying: “Throw the whole friend away. That’s trashy to have done that.”

“Why would people expect you to pay a huge amount just to cover the costs of their extravagant party?” another user said.

The thread titled “Your gift to our wedding wasn’t enough $$$” has since gone viral, with people describing the bride as ungrateful and toxic.

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