Kate’s brunette locks are typically styled into wavy layers.

Get the look:

To create effortless waves in your hair start by washing and conditioning.
For the best results, put in a leave in treatment, that will make your locks shine.

Once hair is washed and towel dried a bit- start blowdrying.
Always work from the bottom layers up when blow-drying your mane — pinning the top portion out of the way helps you better see what you're doing.

Using a medium-sized round brush, grab your hair at the roots and run the brush down strands, moving the blow-dryer over the brush as you go.

Make sure you point the nozzle down; this flattens the cuticle to prevent frizz and keeps hair looking shiny. Do this until your hair is dry.

Then, with a curling wand or straightening iron (preferably 1-inch)...
section a small bunch of hair, twist the iron upwards towards your scalp — but not too close, you don’t want to burn yourself!

Hold for a few seconds and unwind.
Repeat until you have done your whole head of hair.

Finish off with a bit of hair serum for some glam shine...
and ditch the hairspray because you don’t want your waves to be stiff — they should be free and loose and blowing in the wind just like Kate’s!

Princess perfect!

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