This year's Grammy's were spectacular. Mostly because, Beyoncé. 

Yet a very crucial, almost wormhole-inducing incident occurred which nearly got zero airtime: Miley Cyrus wore a dress. With material and everything. 

But it gets better. 

There was, in fact, so much of it (this material stuff) that Miley could even... twirl. 

I know. 

Cyrus was snapped twirling with the vigour she once reserved for showing sideboob, underboobs, underbum and side-tongue back in 2013 (I know I also thought it was like two years ago). 

And her Grammy's red carpet look was a velvet jumpsuit. See, also lots of fabric?!

I also kind of missed this, but material started making its way back onto her body at last year's VMAs, as Miley performed in this hoedown inspired get-up.

None of this is meant to be shaming her affinity (or should I say former affinity?) for donning red carpet outfits that lack fabric; I'm merely commenting on the drastic transition as the last few years looked like this: 

Very colourful, I know. 

It's of course very problematic that as celebrities are spotlighted most of their lives, society subscribes them certain identities, often based on the little knowledge (be that accurate or fabricated) that they've gathered of said celeb based on this celeb's behaviour. Dressing is a behaviour that is so often defined in absolute terms, like dressing provocatively means you are more sexually liberated than say someone who is inspired by the Handmaid's Tale. 

So our idea of Miley is that she's a bit of a wild card. She went from her innocent Hannah Montana box filled with cotton candy to someone who smokes weed on stage at an awards event, twerks against Robin Thicke's crotch (that's an eeuw from a me) and sings openly about sex and drugs. 

Now the 'new Miley' or as I call her 'sunshine Miley has returned' looks like this...

Like butter couldn't melt in her mouth even if it was Lurpak...

In the end she will cater to whatever audience she feels is right for her at any given time as an artist.

I think the very idea that Miley is what she wears is ludicrous, same goes for other celebs and women in general. 

And that's still a massive issue in entertainment where what you wear can either make or break your career. Fashion darlings like Tracee Ellis Ross and Millie Bobby Brown are getting recognition for their acting talents, but I bet you there are way more articles on what they wear and how they conceptualise their style than there are on their careers. 

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