Co-ordinated and matching outfits are par for the course for some couples but when a pair shows off their styles as individuals and still look good together as a unit, it's a special sight to see. We've rounded up our top seven couples who make a stylish duo whatever the dress code.

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Rochelle Nembhard and Yannick Ilunga

Also known as Rharha and Petite Noir, this couple is the human manifestation of art.

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Creative director Rharha and musician Yannick give unique aesthetics and perspectives as a couple, from the retro mom and dad portraits aesthetic, to indie romance, to gallery-ready art – their images truly are worth a thousand words. 

They also collaborate with artist Lina Iris Viktor, a groundbreaking conceptual and performance artist as well as a painter - see below.

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Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

The Beckhams really know how to shake the table when it come to style. Victoria's gifted eye when it come to style has evolved since her Posh days and reached such a high calibre that birthed the Victoria Beckham fashion, and recently beauty, brand. The VB look is unique and exceptional on its own, but sometimes she does find herself complemented by retired footballer hubby David Beckham.

David has also shown us some refined looks in his post-soccer player days and he, obviously, wears the Englishman aesthetic very well. And it doesn't hurt to be partners with VB. With perfectly-stated British fashion, these are the Beckhams.

Rina Chunga and Dimo Kutama

Following their Afro-bohemian wedding in 2017, this couple has given us exceptional visuals with an African heritage. Honestly, contemporary African fashion has never looked as good as when this couple does it.

Colour, print combinations and structure, visually, the Kutamas have it all. This is how this pair interpret these statement African prints.

Dineo Moeketsi and Solo

This couple is famed for their complementary style and are at times spotted in endearingly co-ordinated looks. The couple, who has reached a seven-year milestone, are often the couple to look out for on South Africa's red carpets. Dineo and Solo's coupled flair proves to be versatile enough from streetwear to cocktail dress to red carpet.

Lena Waithe and Alana Mayo

Lena Waithe, the talented producer and screenwriter, knows how to make a statement. We often see her bold statements on screens but every now and again she does the same through fashion. We all remember the glorious pride-flag cape Lena Waithe wore at the Met Gala last year, and she and her fiancé Alana Mayo, continue to wow us on the red carpet. 

Beyoncé and Jay Z 

Thanks to the Everything is Love album and the On The Run tours the Carters have shown us incredible style lately. On and off the stage, King Bey and her husband continue to bless us with some of the most iconic couple looks.

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Nandi Madida and Zakes Bantwini

The SA Style Award's most stylish couple winners make it on to our list for their continued strong presence on SA red carpets. Nandi Madida usually struts simple looks, even when she does take risks she doesn't do too much, and she always keeps it interesting when it comes to her hairstyles.

Zakes Bantwini wears a suit differently than the rest and plays around with colour and patterns just enough to keep it interesting. Together, this seemingly demure duo are always something to look at.

Who is your favourite?

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