Inviting one's ex to your wedding can be a tad awkward.

Especially for the person you're marrying. 

IOL reports that Prince Harry has officially invited two of his very high-profile exes to the upcoming royal wedding; which has left me scratching my head. That is, about what they'll wear!

Thinking back to the hat parade that was Kate and Wills's nuptials, I wonder whether the exes would a) actually go and b) if they do go, would they want to have the attention drawn to them in any way? 

Kind of like this Princess Beatrice moment...

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Can't even remember who the exes are? Here's a relationship recap: 

Chelsy Davy

Hailing from Zim, she's often confused as being South African as Prince Harry met her in Cape Town back in 2004. They dated as teens for quite a few years (7 according to The Sun) and were like gold to paparazzi snappers the world over.  

After splitting in 2011 they are now apparently on good terms. Many said that the pressures of being in the limelight got to her while dating the Prince. 

Will she go? I don't think so. It's funny because apparently they are on good terms, yet I think she is just over the media circus.

If by some miracle she goes, she should wear something like this: 

Choice A – if she wants to show Harry what he missed out on 

Since they met in South Africa, why not go for a local design? 

Love this by Chulaap, just accessorise with some yaaaas queen heels. 

Choice B – if she just wants to have a royally good time and look stylish

This Quiteria & George dress us definitely a great option for her, it will complement her blonde hair and husky-blue eyes so well. 

Cressida Bonas

Cressida comes from an extremely wealthy family and has always been a bit of an It girl. Everyone kind of thought they would be THE royal couple to watch, seeing her as his future Princess. The couple dated for 2 years according to The Sun. 

Cressida shared this on Instagram only 24 hours after it was announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged, which led people to believe she might still hold a bit of a grudge. 

Truth ???? #quotestoliveby ??????

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Mmmmm, interesting. 

Will she go? Definitely. And even if she didn't mean the above quote for Harry, I think she might still enjoy the attention that an event like this brings. 

What I think she should wear: 

Choice A – if she wants to show Harry what he missed out on 

Um, she probably won't be let into the wedding venue in this but imagine her strutting in wearing this Giambattista Valli frock. 

Choice B – if she just wants to have a royally good time and look stylish

I think a Chanel number, showing a bit of, um, ankle, is the way to go, girl. Also, the purple is very regal mos. 

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