She might just be the biggest chameleon of our time. Not only in terms of her music, but her style has undoubtedly set trends and impacted the world of fashion every step of her career: From Material Girl to Evita and beyond. 

So, on her 60th birthday (which is today!), I wanted to celebrate this legend's style by trying to copy it. I know, a Herculean task. 

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The main thing for me was that Madonna's style is synonymous with the cone bra, hot pants, and showing lots and lots of skin. Be that on or off stage, this woman knows how to flaunt what she's got. 

So, because Cape Town's currently experiencing subzero temps, I opted for some of her other fashion favourites instead...

Plaid queen

She has been known to like checked fabric.

Madonna on tour in 2004.
Madonna attends the Met Gala in 2013

Which is why I obviously had to drape myself in it...

I basically just dressed as Madonna's skirt. 

Dress, Zara, R659. 

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Okay, so I knew she basically owned the frizzy eighties hair and scrunchie vibe.

Exhibit A. 

Black scrunchie, black dress, lots of jewels.

But her larger than life headbands were (and continue to be) everything.

Madonna in the eighties.

Had to, had to...

Woolies headbands in velvet, R79.99.

The classic late '80s look 

Labelled as 'normcore' today, Madonna's blue jeans, white tee and leather jacket = the most classic of classic looks. 

Madonna in 1988 at JFK airport.

My favourite part? The belt. So I wore my jean pants with one...

Zara belt, R339. 

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