But hear her out... 

The supermodel and humanitarian will be honoured at the British Fashion Council, where she will receive the award for Fashion Icon. 

Although she feels "blessed" to be considered, Naomi however, does not  believe she's an icon.

"It's an honour to be called [one] - it is. I don't think of myself as an icon, but I respect and am very honoured to [be receiving this award], and I feel blessed that they consider me to be one," she said. 

"Does it come with age? Possibly, right? So is the word icon associated with age? Is it for longevity?"

The woman of many firsts asked these questions in what seems to be her means of trying to wrap her head around being the recipient of such an honour. 

Ms Campbell - model and actress - insists that she just likes what she does.

"I'm not trying to compete with anybody - I just like what I do and I don't do the same thing every day, so it's a bit of a [combination], and I like it that way," she explained. 

Compiled by Afika Jadezweni

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