Based on the very limited knowledge we currently have on Meghan Markle's upcoming bachelorette (she apparently told People mag that, "'s sorted") we have taken the event into our own hands. 

That's right.

Diana never had a bachelorette before walking down the aisle, while Kate had one thrown by her sista, Pippa. And when Pippa Middleton got hitched, her friends opted to throw her a skiing weekend bash in the French Alps.

But what kind of party would this soon-to-be royal want?

The venue

Marrying into a royal family, whether entering wedlock with a Prince or being related to the person marrying into such a fam comes with a lot of pressure. Surely one wants to avoid bad press at all costs and surely Meghan would prefer to start off on a good foot with the dear Queen.

If Markle's former holiday destinations are anything to go by (Jamaica, St. Barts, Malta, Greece, Positano) she is a girl who loves a bit of sea, sand and sun. 

So a chilled week away with her favourite girls on an island it is. 

And the Bahamas might just be perfect. (Find out why below)

The theme

Kate Middleton's bachelorette was Dirty Dancing themed which I can kind of picture, as Kate is serious and together but also has a very playful side.

But I feel like we seriously don't know too much about Meghan as a person yet to presume what she'd prefer. Lets see, we do know that she had a very interesting side hustle before making it big on Suits. She did calligraphy. The Knot News even notes that she did the invitations for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's wedding!

But I would seriously rethink my relationship with my besties if they made me write each of their names on a grain of rice in cursive as a bachelorette take-home memento. Like...

Image: Giphy

So instead let's go with entertaining Meghan's playful side while still keeping things 'crown-appropriate'.

Seriously, there are paparazzi everywhere. Just think back to the Duchess of Cambridge's topless pictures controversy.

As Meghan is known as a very warm person who loves animals, I (as her imaginary, self-appointed Maid of Honour) have booked Exuma Island in the Bahamas for a day. And better yet, a bit of sailing around an area known as Pig Beach. 

Call me crazy but I think Meghan would get a kick out of sailing along the Bahamas, sipping one or two rum cocktails, bumping into these cuties: 

Image: Giphy 

Life. Made. 

The theme of her bachelorette will thus be: Expect the Unexpected

Perhaps a bit of a motto she can expect to live her future life by. The life of a royal is certainly never mundane, which is exactly why this lighthearted, mini swim with pigs adventure (yes you can swim with them!) might prepare her for all the awful critics, social media trolls and other haters (pigs) to cross her path in future as she's catapulted into an even bigger spotlight. 

What she'll wear

For day I can definitely see her in a version of this outfit...

Lounging on a yacht in denim cut-offs and a white tee fo sho, while I can see her standing out in this lovely bikini as she swims with the piggies...

No time to be basic.

I'm sure her group of friends (me included, obvs) will give her a 'Bride to Be' sash to wear in the evening as we head to the resort restaurant for dinner and drinks. 

As it certainly won't be anything like this...

Watch: Pippa's wedding highlights. 

Images: Getty and Giphy

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