She broke onto the scene in 2013, when her mixtape Cut 4 Me was praised by music critics. Now she's a full-on musical force. Not only in song, in style too. It's unparalleled. 

Scrolling down Kelela's Instagram is like going through the five stages of grief.

I felt them all. (Not in their intended order though) 

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How can flames and an ethereal slip dress work? They simply can't.


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Also slaying a raincoat as a dress? No. How?!

2018: A Milkmaid Odyssey

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Okay, maybe she's not superhuman. This is a pretty simple white jumpsuit. Anyone could, surely, pull this off. 

SF ?? seoul ?? tokyo ?? osaka ?? honolulu

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And this. It's just a white shirt and a pair of white shorts. So easy. 

thank you for having me @adamselman ?? ?? @maksimaxelrod

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Anger and Depression

What greatness is this even?! 

come along and ride on this fantastic voyage

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Champagne Filter

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Half suit, half dress. Oh the humanity!

Thank you @_dion_lee_ ????

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This is actually too much for my brain to handle...


Okay now I'm dead...

Loric, pronounced "LaRique" and ladies - he's taken

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Ja no, she's not from this world. No one has ever looked this great in a jewelled cowboy hat. Humankind is just not this great. 

There's a new sheriff in town ??

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Listen to her dreamy tunes here: 

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