It's probably fair to say that this year has not brought Kendall Jenner the best of feedback on social media so far.

First, that Pepsi ad. Then the Fyre Festival debacle (which almost seems like it should be a movie it's so bizarre), and now yet another cover drama.

So to speak.

Fashionista reports that the American model is in hot water over covering Vogue India's newly released 10 year anniversary issue. The cover and fashion editorial was photographed by famed snapper Mario Testino. And, admittedly, looks gorgeous.

But it has been met with disdain, with Vogue India's Instagram post receiving a lot of negative comments.

Mainly, people are asking the poignant question: Why not use an Indian model?

People also commented on the fact that Jenner has not yet posted any of the editorial pics or the cover to her own Instagram account - something she always does when covering other issues of Vogue. Commenters believe this is because it's "Vogue India".

Kendall's pal Gigi Hadid recently had the same type of backlash as she appeared in a Hijab on the first-ever cover of Vogue Arabia.

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To me the backlash is completely valid. Not so much that it's directed at Jenner, but the cover does imply that India doesn't have it's own beauties, it's own prestigious actresses and models worthy of covering a celebration issue.

I understand the appeal of using "the great" Kendall Jenner on your magazine cover, but a 10 year anniversary issue needs to celebrate India's finest.